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Here are a few reasons why customers choose to do business with us.

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Over the past few months  we have been able to create a platform  where people have the privilege  to showcase  their business  both newly found or an existing  one.We take pride in every project we have done so far.

Over 11.1k members within a month plus

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Bibimarketplace & Vent SQ is growing rapidly which means that we need many helping hands.



At Bibimarketplace & Vent SQ, members satisfaction is what plays the biggest role in our strategy, while the effectiveness is what we strive for. We guarantee perfect results.

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Bibitayo Bakare | CEO & Founder

Want to support us?

Here are projects we fund:
  • Open market
  • Physical trade fair
  • Empowerment program
  • Competition on beauty pageant
  • Who got Talent
  • Award to entrepreneurs
  • Charity programme
  • Training
  • Hang out
  • End of the year parties
  • State group and Exhibitions and give a way.

About us

BiBimarketplace &vent sq is a social community global market were buying , selling and any business take place. The group basically eases buying and selling process and also help lost of Nigerians who can’t afford shop rent in a lucrative location for their business but with data as low as 100 Naira you can sell buy without going through physical market.

Members also vent their business struggle Adventure, trials temptations ,frustration etc and also life General issues.

Seller in the market must post quality picture of their product’s and also payment on delivery within location of business for members only.