Zealot S67, 60W Wireless Bluetooth Zealot Best Speaker With Big Battery


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The remarkable sound quality is produced by combining two bass diaphragms and three main speakers.

A strong sound with a 60W high power output.

Three unique sound effects and professional tuning

a shoulder strap for simple transport

Two speakers may be connected through TWS.

Dual USB power supply interface with Type-A and Type-C ports makes it simple to charge your smartphone.

Having a 14400mAh internal battery, it has a long use duration.

a strong and reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connection

Bring crisp hands-free calls with the integrated noise-cancelling microphone.

Support for TF card, U-disk, and AUX-in audio playback

1.75W Bass with Dual Pairing – The Zealot S67 has two custom-made, special woofers and one tweeter to produce the amazing 75W. For the best bass stereo effect, combine with a DSP chip. Amazingly bizarre. Additionally, it has a dual pairing feature that simulates a live concert.2.Better bass and more power with a 14,400 Mah battery. Then what? It uses a huge capacity 14,400 mah battery as the speaker’s base, providing up to 50 hours of playback duration and the ability to simultaneously charge phones, tablets, and other devices. Various Sound Effects All of the investment is worthwhile for Sound, Zealot. Do you desire audible voices? or a bassier effect.

You may adjust the three sound settings using the EQ button to suit your listening preferences. You can utilize it at your discretion thanks to the clear and dynamic mode light changes.Do you remain concerned? – Best Bluetooth 5.0 technology, distortion-free connection range up to 100 feet. Hard shell, removable strap, waterproof to IPX6 standards for use, and switchable between indoor and outdoor settings. TF card, AUX, U disk play, and other features for planning a trip4.13 years’ worth of high-quality precipitation has now been prepared for sharing. Kim will be pleased to talk with you about any concerns you may have regarding the use or sound quality and will respond within a day.



Version of Bluetooth: 5.0

1800mAh x 8 for a total of 14400mAh

5V/1A input voltage

10 m for transmission distance

Response to frequency: 20Hz–20KHz

90dB is the signal to noise ratio.

7.4 volts, working voltage

1% distortion

Type-C charging port

40 hours of gameplay

>90 days of standby

Charge time: 6–10 hours (varies depending on charger adaptor)


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